You deserve to share your family history in a way that feels like you. 

Hi, I'm Carly Lane Morgan

Founder of Family Tree Notebooks


This is my Story

I was always interested in my family history, but I had an organizational problem. I had a terrible time figuring out how to store the photos, documents, and little pieces of history in a way that was accessible for my research but not damaging to the items.

I also found that I had a hard time keeping my research details in my head and even though I made lists, charts, and an endless number of folders, I would mix up details and forget which ancestor lived in which place at which time. 

Finally, I sat down one day and made a basic worksheet to hold ancestor information so I could start keeping everyone straight. One worksheet turned into ten, which turned into one hundred, and now there are more than 2000 genealogy worksheets in the Family Tree Notebooks library with more coming out every month. 

I designed these courses to help anyone else who loves the fun of family history but isn't a big fan of all the chaos and disorder that seems to naturally follow. I hope you love making your books and sharing them with your relatives (and communities!) as much as I have.