Learn how to use Canva's free resources to design and share your family history stories

Free and Easy

In this course, we'll use Canva to 

  1. build decorative elements,
  2. edit home movies, and
  3. share family history stories

By the end of this course,
you will have… 

  • Explored the Canva website
    Canva can be a little overwhelming but we'll go through and talk about all of the different features available to you
  • Learned how to build functional graphics, such as table, timelines, and grids
    Canva isn't only used to make things pretty. We'll look at using elements to organize information in a way that engages and educates the next generation. 
  • Discovered decorative elements to bring your family history to life
    Canva has a huge library of decorations that you can use to further illustrate your ancestors' stories.
  • Challenged the traditional ways we've been sharing family history 
    To capture the attention of our audience, we sometimes need to get a little creative and Canva has lots of features to help.